Chindogu – the Japanese art of un-useless inventions

Chindogu is an art form that takes it inspiration from everyday household objects. Chindogu inventions must be household items that at first glance, look totally clever and useful. owever, on second thoughts, one realises how useless the invention actually is – almost. It’s harder than it looks, mainly because most people make something far too practically useful! Here is a selection from HDS

1. The Anti-stubtoerator
“Don’t you just hate it when you stub your toe? Then get the new Antistubtoerator and you will never have to clean up blood from your bleeding toe again. You will never have to endure the pain of a prickle or experience that short jolt of hurt from any of your toes accidentally colliding with the ground. Simply stretch the elastic around your heel and pull the foam over your toes! (Beware: this product may rip or tear and there are no money back guarantees)

2. Personal Air Conditioner
Ever feel hot or flustered when you’re inside with no dor or wondow open? Well here’s the answer – a portable door. Just open it up, stick your head out and you’ll feel so refereshed. It will also make your teacher nicer as she’ll feel refreshed so get one today!

3. Double Drink-O- Cups
Sick of trying to decide whether to have juice or water? Well now you don’t have to with the Double Drink O Cups. Simply place your liquid substance into the cups and Voila, you have a double drink.

4. Portable Bin
Exhausted from always walkling over to the bin? Well now you don’t need to with the new extraordinary Portable Bin! You can look fashionable with the spotted belt and colourful bin. Simply tie the belt around your waist with the bin facing sideways and off you go!

5. Seatbelt Seat
Are you tired of falling asleep in your seat, falling out and hurting yourself? Well you don’t have to worry about it anymore! The SEATBELT SEAT means that all you have to do is sit down and buckle yourself up. You’ll never have to worry about falling off a chair again.

6. Sleeper 2000 Fakinator
If you have always got to school late beacuse you have slept in, and when you get to schol you feel sleepy, what do you have to do? There’s a product for you – the Sleeper 2000 Fakinator. Wear these glasses with pictures of eyes on so you just sleep whilst everybody thinks you are awake!

7. Port – a Tree
Sick and tired of feeling like you can’t breathe? Meet the new Port – a Tree. So you can breathe – whenever. Simply put on the straps to carry the tree on your back and when you need to breathe fresh air, take off the tree and breathe it in (only while stocks last).

8. Ear mirror
Are you always late to work because you take too long doing your make up? Well now you don’t have to be late with the new ear mirror. the mirror clips behind your ear so you can do your make up on the go. No more angry faces from your boss, no more smudged make up done in a hurry. Buy the Ear mirror today and all your make up problems will be fixed.

9. The Butt Bag
Tired of holding your hand bag under your arm all the time? Now there’s the all new Butt bag. this is useful because it is not heavy and your bag will never get stolen because it is attached to your butt. One thing you must know is that it may be difficult to sit down and your pants might slip down occasionally on account of the weight in the bag.

10. Fashion Glasses
The pain of heavy sunglasses or reading glasses annoying you? Well you don’t need to worry about it any more. the new Strawsers Fashion glasses are light as a feather. they are also the hottest thing out. You’ll never have to worry about ugly heavy painful glasses again. Please note the Strawser Fashion glasses are hard to see through, they cannot block the sun and they do not help you to read).

11. The Portable Comic Container
Do you want a comic book but you don’t have one with you, or do you need to sort out your comic books to find the one you want faster? Well your worries are over because the portable comic container will have sorted all your comic books. All you have to do is put the strap over your shoulder and when you want a comic book, pull out the drawer and select one. Yes it is that simple!

12. No Trip protected Cord Cover
Sick of people tripping over your cords? Well now they don’t with the new “no Trip” protected cord cover. With the flashing lights no one can possibly NOT see it. Very affordable at $35

13. Toast protector
Tired of dropping your toast on the floor and having to make more? Well not any more with the toast protector. It holds your toast so you can stop your extra careful – ness and relax. With its handle you can protect your toast from harm.


3 thoughts on “Chindogu – the Japanese art of un-useless inventions

  1. Well, there are some very interesting ideas – I think I could do with a pair of the Sleeper 2000 Fakinator glasses most days of the week. The toast protector is simply amazing – no butter down toast on the floor – fantastic!

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