Fairtrade in the community

Half Day School have been out and about in the Cromwell Community sharing the Fairtrade story. Fairtrade guarantees a fair price for farmers in poor countries so that they can provide education, clean water and sustainable practises for their families. Fairtrade products available in NZ include tea, coffee, sugar, banans, cotton, football and netballs. Schools and businesses can become Fairtrade certified by providing Fairtrade tea and coffee for morning tea and committing to support Fairtrade fortnight in May by putting up posters or holding a coffee morning. Thank you to The Shed, Goldfields school, Cromwell College, The Golden Gate, BP, Mainfreight, Cromwell Library, Subway

who have kindly received or are about to receive presentations by students


Year 7 Divergent Thinking – the “olympics”?

Year 7 had a look at the Olympics in some quite creative and divergent ways. Their choice (always good with gifted children) was to:

1. Design the opening ceremony for the Paralympics. See these stadium designs from Harris

The Paralympic stadium is shaped like a star (you are very inspirational and shine brightly); or like a hexagon ( to symbolise the 6 types of cancer); or like a “P” standing for perseverance and never giving up; or like sunshine (for always seeing the bright side of things); or like a seed (to represent the growth in yourself.

2. Create the “Cromwell” Olympics (gold dig, perfect dive off the bridge, most rocks blasted in a minute at Nevis Bluff, “vine” hurdles, rabbit shooting, cherry spitting, blindfolded wine tasting);

3. Create the paper olympics with at least 10 events, all of which use one piece of paper ( rhythmic gymnastics with paper as the apparatus, synchronised swimming holding the paper out of the water – points deducted for damp paper, paper scrunch into teh smallest ball you can

4. Your choice – design Olympics for a group of your choice ( The Ja-olympics for prisoners with the 100m sprint guard dog race and the chain and ball jumping, or the “other not so important olympics” with the eraser sprint to see who can rub out teh whiteboard fastest

Gifted Awareness Week Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Hazel, who won Highly Commended in the art category of the NZ Association for Gifted Children’s nationwide competition. There were over 1000 entries so Hazel should be very proud of her efforts. We certainly are! Hazel chose to use words related to genetics and DNA to depict a fingerprint, to illustrate the theme of “Connections”