Fairtrade sports balls – now that’s quality!

Did you know that most of the world’s soccer balls are made in one of small area of Pakistan? They are hand sewn and often provide low wages for the sewers. Fairtrade sports balls are made to the same high quality by the same craftspeople in Pakistan, are of a similar price for us to buy, but instead offer the maker a fair wage. That means they get enough money to live on and a bit extra to send their kids to school. Year 8 and 9 Half day School have been spreading the Fairtrade message around Cromwell and recently met with the Cromwell College PE department to show them Fairtrade soccer and netballs. Steve Hodkinson, HOD PE was very impressed by the quality of the sports balls, and will trial both footballs and netballs in school. “If they prove to be durable, which they look to be, and are of a similar price to non Fairtrade balls, we will definitely be interested in purchasing more and supporting Fairtrade – why would we not go Fairtrade if we can?”. For more information go to www.fairtrade.co.nz, or to order sports balls go to www.micahclothing.co.nz


Fairtrade feedback!

Here’s what Sharon Booth, Principal at Goldfields Primary School had to say when her ex students came visiting:

It was a privilege to have boys share their presentation with us. They spoke passionately about Fairtrade, and had obviously researched this well. I still think of them as ‘our boys’ – just a little older… and wiser???