Child poverty in NZ and cardboard houses

Di you know that in New Zealand, 375, 000 children live in cold damp rental houses that make them sick?

Year 7 HDS have been building cardboard houses to raise awareness about the cold, damp draughty housing that exists in NZ. The competition we have entered will be used to support Jazmine Heka’s petition calling for a Warrant of Fitness on all rental houses. Jazmine is a student at Whangarei High School who started the petition after seeing a documentary called “inside Child Poverty in NZ”. We also watched this doco that showed quite clearly that many diseases – asthma, skin infections, rheumatic fever- are entirely preventable. Below are our cardboard houses, showing overcrowding, damp, mould, un-insulated roofs, draughty windows.


Random Acts of Kindness – join the movement

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) are just that – doing a kind deed to a total stranger. The movement started in the USA and there is even a RAK week. Cromwell College students chose their own RAK. Here’s the first example, left around Cromwell new World for the unsuspecting shopper to see:

And here’s another example. this one cost nothing at all:

Edible Structures – possibly the best homework ever!

Year 7 have been examining structures. Their homework was to design an edible structure with the title ” the …………est”. Designs were amazingly intricate and showed a great deal of high level thinking. Students also explained their difficulties in the “building” process and how they overcame their challenges. A wonderful effort showing student abilities. Here is Maddy’s green house with the glass walls made from toffee.

Below is Hamish’s “the yuckiest” – silver beet cakes with marmalade, married with chocolate covered mushrooms! Mrs Rose and Mr Hodkinson certainly enjoyed it. Not.

How about Liam’s “the spookiest” ? Home made jellies shaped as skulls and pumpkins and fingers fitted in well with Halloween week, and tasted delicious

Caitriona’s swimming pool was labelled the “fun-est”, although it had taken a few goes to get it right, and also survived a fall on the way to school!

Bob also had a Halloween theme with “the scariest:

Harris’ theme was “the bravest”. To mark Breast Cancer awareness week, Harris wanted to make bravery beads – like those that are given to children after each treatment. Harris said his peanut butter and chocolate “beads” were not able to be strung on a string because they kept breaking, however I’m sure you’ll agree that there was a great deal of thinking behind this structure

Darcy’s structure was “the sweetest garden”. It didn’t last long in class, as you can imagine! Check out the pond with fish in it