United (Micro) Nations Summit

Year 8 Half Day School held a Micronations summit last week.  According to the 1933 Montevideo Convention on Statehood, as long as you have a government, a population, a territory and are open to negotiation, it is perfectly legal to set up a nation. Parents visited the embassies of Beden Couchica – main population pillows; Lepidopterae – main population the easter bunny; Bobatropolis, Equus, Somewhere, Meatalot (no veggies allowed) and many others. They got to examine stamps, passports, armed forces, exports and imports, national sports, national foods, history and mythology, flags, climate, things to see and do and national dress. The presidents/Kings/leaders aka the students did a marvellous job and it was enjoyed by all the visitors

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Model United Nations Assembly

Year 9 HDS recently took part in a Model, or mock United Nations Assembly. Resolutions proposed included lifting the IWC ban on whaling, setting limits on CO2 emissions, banning of religious headscarves in secular institutions such as schools, contributing to an international fund for AIDS research and for disaster relief, and censuring China for not allowing internet access to its citizens. All students were exceptionally well prepared and spoke well on all issues. They were able to understand and act as their country would act and react in the real world. which is a difficult task, especially if you do not agree with the issues you must support. Best overall delegation went to France, followed by Italy second, and Spain third. Thanks to Mrs Scott and Hugh as Secretary GeneralsSouth KoreaEgyptfrance

Poetry and the Poet

Half Day School students in year 9 have been spending time with Liz Breslin, a real live poet, working on poems for entry to the NZ International poetry competition. Liz spent time coaching, suggesting, supporting and convincing students of the point of writing villanelles (and if you’ve ever tried to write one of these almost impossible poetic forms, you’ll know that a bit of convincing is quite necessary!) One student was overheard to say that it was even too hard to be boring, which I think Liz can take as a compliment. Thank you to Liz for offering us her expertise and we look forward to the results.DSCF4456ash