Chindogu – the Japanese art of un-useless invention

At first sight, they look extremely useful and very helpful to everyday life. On second thoughts, absolutely useless- almost! Year 7 students have been creating their own Chindogu, following the 10 tenets that must be followed to create them. Here we go, for your viewing pleasure….

The Twice-Wiper

Are you distressed by using the same side of toilet tissue for looking after your ablutions? Well stop your fussing, introducing the double sided toilet tissue. use the rough side for doing your spring cleaning and the soft side to spend a penny. Works like magic!DSCF4192

Shiny Lippy

Sick and tired of lipstick that keeps smudging and coming off? Annoyed by dull lips? introducing the “Shiny-Lippy!” Simply place the ear pieces around your ears and enjoy. Only $59.99 – what a bargain!


Different Coloured Twink

Are you sick of always having plain white Twink?  Well look no further. This ingenious invention has created the perfect things for you….. different coloured Twink! Brighten up your page with this affordable invention at just $5 a bottle. Comes in 7 awesome colours – make your friends jealous!


The Mute-anator

Frustrated with having to put up with the usual class noise? Well, here you go – the Mute-anator. The luxury green boxes sit comfortably over your ears blocking  all the harsh sounds that roam the classroom. The two soundproof pipes poke out the window so the peaceful sounds of nature can join you inside


The Beard Eraser

Getting stressed by waking up in the morning and not having time to shave your beard? Well wait no longer the “Beard-Eraser” is here! All you need to do is place this invention onto your head, and now you can walk anywhere without having to worry about your beard. Now your boss doesn’t need to tell you to get a shave. one size and style only


On-Tima-Anator 2654

Do you get irritated when you need to be somewhere by a certain time? and don’t even know what the time is? Well don’t waste time standing there, come in now and buy the One Time – Anator 2654. It will help you to be on time and not lose track of it. Warning – you may have difficulty seeing



Is your bird tired of flying and hopping around? Well your problem is solved with the Wazoo!  The Wazoo will make your bird feel like they are on a luxurious holiday. It’s like a beach in a can.DSCF4201

The Change-Roomatic

Do you get tired of getting changed after swimming and other sports, with people watching? Well look no further – we have come up with the ultimate Change-Roomatic. It combines the brilliance of getting changed in public with a curtain to hide behind! All you do is simply pop it over your shoulders, shut the curtain and get changed. Only available in Cromwell. Only available in one size


Junk Accenter

Upset because you don’t fit in? Look no further. This accenter will change your voice. Just move the knob and talk. Then walk away. This will definitely change your popularity level (no guarantee) DSCF4205

The diary holder

Ever forgotten your school diary? Now you can never forget your school diary again? With the diary holder velcro it to your arm!


Safety Box  

Are you tired of getting your sandwiches squished and smashed? Well look no further. All you need is a safety box. It may look big and bulky but that is just an illusion. It can adjust to any size sandwich, big or small. You now no longer need any box except Safety Box!



See your friend when he is below you, and you can’t get his attention? Well, use the EMAILER – just drop eeh device and your message will arrive ASAP.


Sucker Glove

Do you hate it when you have overflowing plumbing and your plunger is broken? That could all change with the sucker glove. The sucker glove and its single sucker will let you pull out the block in minutes! The secret is the single high-powered sucker with the little cup that can trap most air and water into it ans stick to it when you pull it back. When you are done, just stick it to the wall. (Warning: any injuries involving this product will not be treated. No refunds).


Gifted Awareness Week Competition

This week is Gifted Awareness Week, the 17th -23rd June.17th June is significant because it was the birthday of George Parkyn, the first New Zealander to achieve international recognition in the field of gifted education. We hope to draw attention to gifted people and the nature of giftedness. One of the events is the NAZGC competition, for all ages, in writing, art, film and photo, on the theme “the Face Of ….”

Here is Sam’s “The Face of My Thoughts”, which shows what happens when he has an idea and the lightbulb goes on!

the face of thought

The Face Of Diversity

What is the meaning of diversity?

I’ll tell you it doesn’t decide your destiny

It means to be different and unique

It means to not make critiques

It means not to be categorized

It means freedom and civil rights

It makes you who you are.

There is a dark side to being different

It’s sometimes limits your decisions

And often people use it as racism

Overall humans are all the same

We’re just defined by skin, color and name

Diversity, it makes you who you are.

 Harris: My poem represents diversity, in my poem I wrote about difference and uniqueness, and that everyone should be treated equally despite their appearance/nationality.

And Cowan who says:  “the Face of peace wonders whether peacekeepers really do keep the peace. We all need to keep asking questions


And Chloe’s Face of Eternity: “It symbolises that even though eternity has no end it does have a beginning


And Ella’s The face of capitalism : My art represents the face of capitalism. the overall image is of money (plenty of it). I wanted to ask the age old question ” is money worth it?” because I want young people to really think about their priorities. Passion for what you do and doing what you love is more important than counting your cash



And Liam’s: The face of mystery. Look closely and you can see what Scooby Do is made ofLiam