Did you know the Greeks hated zero? Or that a chap from Baghdad had a big hand in the number system that we now use? Or that ┬ácouple in Welsh doesn’t mean two, it means a few? Or what a google is? Or that a peck, a cable, a hand and a league are measurements? Or what a hexaflexagon might be?

Year 8 are spending this term looking at numbers. They are sharpening their “mental edge” by solving really hard mental maths and brain teasers. They have looked at the hostory of our number system and are constructing cartoons and videos to show the incredible number journey. They also brought “number themed” food:


What number is displayed above?

Logan numbers

Why a (delicious) keyboard?

numbers ana


Alarm clock (the digital kind)


2014 – The Year where brilliance requires diligence

Welcome to 2014 at HDS. Our theme for this year is that “brilliance requires diligence”, i.e that intelligence can’t translate to success, unless there are strategies in place to turn that potential into talent. Our aim is to be the best we can be. This is quite different from being the best – one is possible, one is not under our control. In fact we need to be:

The best we can, in the time we have with the resources available to us.

We need to prioritise in our busy school lives, we need to make time to be creative and follow our passions, and we need to negotiate to make a good job of subject areas that we are not so keen on. We need to work on our habits of mind and we need to challenge ourselves daily.

2014 – the Year of the Horse and Hard Work!!!