United Nations Assembly in Cromwell

The Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) is often run at senior school or undergraduate level, however HDS year 9 ran their own MUNA today. Mrs Hepburn, librarian and part time UN Security Chief commented on what a brilliant group of delegates they were, because they indeed were brilliant. Resolutions passed by the UN Assembly were: financial support for the international space station, and introduction of immigration quotas . Resolutions not supported were: an international disaster relief fund; a ban on whaling; ban on the hijab in French schools, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the Kyoto protocol. Members of the Assembly displayed excellent diplomatic and oratory skills with a high level understanding of trade agreements, security bloc and other alliances within the international community. Well done/bien hecho/bravo/good job/ben fatto/jal haess-eoyo/Zuò de hǎo/good on ya/mistawiiy jiddan

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