SPCA Cupcake Day!

Half Day School likes animals, especially SPCA animals, and part of the curriculum for gifted children is their ethical education, i.e doing what is right. So, along with Bonnie from year 9, we’ve been planning Cupcake Day, the SPCA fundraiser. Students are taking responsibility for the event themselves. Check out the awesome poster that Jenema made! You will see lots around the school. Anna has sorted out class lists and everyone has a class to take orders from. Lets see how Logan gets on with taking staff orders! Today was cupcake decorating practice. Thanks to Bonnie who bought the ingredients, designed the cupcake decorations, and costed out the necessary outlay, we all had a cupcake to practise on. Check out the results below! FINALLY

photo 2 (6)

photo 1 (12)